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Who We Are

Born in 2005 with the will to introduce the LED and new technologies to the Automotive sector, Bartolacci Design has developed, in almost 20 years, a deep knowledge and expertise that from Camper and RVs has also expanded to other sectors. The constant will to use new technologies has led the company to approach the Emergency Vehicles sector but also the Nautical, Elevators and Mobile Homes by producing furnishing elements or Plexiglass accessories and creating more and more complete offers for its clients. Our expertise also grew by cooperating with the technical departments of our clients and other independent ones with which we frequently developed a part of the customization of our luminaries and accessories or realized completely new products to meet specific project requirements.


For nearly 20 years

we have employed new LED technologies

for ever more customizable products

We chose to internally produce our appliances because this allows us to constantly monitor our productive process and therefore assure the best quality for our supplies and a high guarantee for the users. Furthermore, this way we are able to also efficiently provide the right customized product in short times. Raw materials Made in Italy, local processing, high-quality imported components such as the NICHIA LEDs , are the ingredients for our recipe for quality. Relying on local suppliers allows to ensure the quality of the components but also to rapidly seize all the opportunities given by new technological advancements. All external manufacturing processes, turnery, galvanic and painting, are done in compliance with the RoHS directive and all the others linked directives, and within the environmental costraints and environment preservation.

Today the world of LEDs is populated by countless offers and manufacturers, we made the choice of distinguish ourselves for the attention to the length of life our lights, their ability to resist power surges and their constancy in the color temperature. This is why we chose Nichia’s LEDs , considered today among the most reliable on the market.

All of the most important manufacturers of Cam- pers, RVs, Vans but also Mobile Homes and, for what concerns Plexiglas components, stand builders, exhibitors, etc.. In these almost 20 years of activity Bartolacci Design has constantly and steadily grown thanks to the customer loyalty we built and our constant search for new solutions to offer.
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Bartolacci Design is always evolving, in search of new technologies and materials that can continue to make the difference and of new production systems that will allow us to be more and more efficient and able to always satisfy our clients in the best way possible.